Wood Bed Frame Tacoma


The bed being the central piece of your home needs to be comfortable and appropriate for your requirements. When you customize a bed frame, it will meet your exact requirements.

Call Crafthammer Designs for when you want a custom and exquisite wood bed frame made for your Tacoma, WA area home. We are an established company offering customized furniture including wooden bed frames since 2012. When you order us the solid wood bed frame in Tacoma, you can expect it to be:

  • Made of the best quality wood
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Durable and unique

We create all types of bed frames including queen size, king size, single and twin. You simply need to speak with us, telling us what you need and we will take all the measurements precisely.

Bed Frame Tacoma


You want your wood bed frame to last for a long time, and that is the reason you want to get it made by the best craftsman. While you can have ready-made bed frames of metal or wood,they will not be as strong and durable as the one that you have made especially for you.

Contact us for a custom wood bed frame around Tacoma as we have been creating customized furniture since 2012. Our customers like their wooden bed frames for the following reasons:

  • Exquisite and unique design
  • The high degree of precision
  • Superior workmanship

We create natural wood bed frames using the best wood including Cherry, American black walnut, Douglas fir, and others. We keep in mind your budget and your aesthetics when designing your wood bed frame.

Wooden Bed Frames Tacoma


Over the years we have made wooden bed frame for a multitude of customers. Each of the wooden bed frames that we create is a piece of artwork as we meticulously work on the details and make it unique and exquisite.

Here are some reasons why you must get your wooden bed frames for your Tacoma area home created by us:

  • Timeless beauty and designing
  • Experience and expertise in custom furniture
  • Turn vision into reality
  • Exquisite artistry

We never compromise upon the material used or our workmanship. Each of our craftsmen is highly skilled and experienced. We wish to build furniture that transforms your home and gives you the comfort and beauty you want.

Are you looking for wooden bed frames made around Tacoma? Are you looking for the most experienced and established company for customized furniture? Call Crafthammer Designs at (425) 800-8180.