Wood Bed Frame Renton

A person spends most of their life in bed. So, it only makes sense to invest in a bed that is:

  • Beautiful
  • Comfortable
  • Cozy
  • Functional

Bed frames come in different shape and sizes. Whether you want a basic wood bed frame, or prefer to add features, such as drawers, we are the right choice for wooden bed frames. Serving Renton and the nearby areas, Crafthammer Designs can design and build wooden bed frames that match your unique needs, budget, and preferences.

Also, our frames come with a perfect balance of function and comfort. So, rest easy knowing that your wood bed frame investment will be worth every penny.

Bed Frame Renton

Make your room an oasis with a custom wood bed frame for your Renton area home. We offer timeless and unique wooden bedframe designs guaranteed to give your room a whole new look and feel. Each bed frame is designed just like you want it to and is made using hand-selected wood.

Wooden beds never go out of style and last for years to come. Have an unusual space that needs an odd sized bed frame? No matter what your specific requirements may be, we can make a frame to your exact specifications. With our help, you can tailor your wood bed frame to fit into your space smoothly. We can design and build frames for both queen and king size beds.

Rest assured our solid wood bedframe will last for a very long time. We can design and build a solid wood bed frame in:

  • Pacific madrone and splatted maple
  • Black, red and white oak
  • Cherry and Douglas fir
  • American black walnut

Wooden Bed Frames Renton

You deserve a good night’s sleep. We design wooden bed frames for Renton area residents that are as unique as they are. Have wood bedframe plans in mind? Or not sure what you want?

With our industry experience and knowledge, we offer friendly advice and excellent customer service that you will love.

Below are the reasons to choose us for wooden bed frames for your Renton area home:

  • We take pride in our superior craftsmanship
  • One-of-a-kind furniture that reflects your style
  • Turning visions into a reality since 2012

Call us today at (425) 800-8180 with your questions and concerns, and we will be glad to answer them. Crafthammer Designs are your best source for wooden bed frames serving Renton and the nearby areas.