Wood Bed Frame North Bend


There is nothing quite like a beautiful wood bed frame to create a lovely, inviting and impressive bedroom. Also, there is no place better than Crafthammer Designs to shop for wooden bed frames in the North Bend, WA area!

Come to us if you have decided to buy a wood bed frame. Whether you want to enhance your home by furnishing the master bedroom with a solid wood bed frame or are interested in picking up some wooden bed frames for the rooms in your condominium or hotel, we can help.

You can count on us to provide you with a wood bed frame that is:

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Built to last long
  • Beautifully crafted

The natural wood bed frame that North Bend residents can purchase from us are made from one of many domestic hardwoods, including Pacific madrone, Douglas fir, Mahogany, white, black or red Oak, American black walnut, Sequoia or Cherry.

Bed Frame North Bend


We offer customized wooden bed frames to meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele. You can get our artisans to craft a wood bed frame for your North Bend area property to suit the interior décor requirements, meet your aesthetic preferences and fit your budget.

Our woodworkers can use any wooden bed design given by you or come up with excellent wood bed frame plans for you to choose. They can craft a solid wood bed frame in precisely the desired:

  • Size
  • Height
  • Design
  • Color and finish

Feel free to place an order with us for the king or queen wood bedframe you need, with or without storage space, with elaborate carving or simplistic styling.

Wooden Bed Frames North Bend


At our company, we place a high premium on quality and go all out to provide our customers with furniture pieces that they can cherish for years to come.

The wooden bed frames that North Bend area home and business owners receive from us are made:

  • From top-grade timber
  • By technicians with unmatched skills
  • With great care, passion, and patience

You can count on us to supply stunning wooden bed frames that are as eye-catching as they are functional. Whether you get a floating platform bed, four-poster bed or incline sleigh-style bed, be sure that your money has gone into an excellent product that will give you significant ROI.

Call (425) 800-8180 for further information about the wooden bed frames offered to North Bend area residents by Crafthammer Designs.