Wood Bed Frame Kent

As the private space where you relax after a long tiring day, your bedroom is an essential part of your home. Moreover, it is the bed that is a particularly significant component of this very personal sanctuary. Would you not want it to be attractive, appealing, and comfortable?

A proper bed frame is the beginning of the inviting and comfy bed you want. At Crafthammer Designs, we offer you a natural wood bed frame for your Kent, WA area home. We specialize in fabricating stylish wooden bed frames that make a welcoming sight.

With us, you can rest assured of getting a unique solid wood bed frame that makes the perfect base for a luxurious bed and adds beautifully to the bedroom décor. You can commission us to make a wood bed frame for your bedroom that is custom designed to suit your:

  • Bedroom size and shape
  • Design style preferences
  • Storage requirements
  • Concerns about getting in or out of bed

Bed Frame Kent

We craft wooden bed frames for Kent area properties to meet all kinds of requirements. Do you need a king-size solid wood bed frame for your own home or a queen wood bed frame for your rental condo? Are you looking to get wooden bed frames for furnishing the bedrooms of your new construction, a metal and wood bed frame for your room addition or a modern wood bed frame? We have you covered!

At our furniture store, we cater to diverse demands for custom wood beds with a piece of furniture that:

  • Has great aesthetic charm
  • Looks distinctive, one-of-a-kind
  • Is built to last long
  • Makes a rewarding investment

Call us today to discuss different options like a four poster, sleigh-style, or platform wood bed frame for your Kent property.

Wooden Bed Frames Kent

We put a team of exceptionally skilled and extensively experienced technicians to custom craft the wooden bed frames for all our customers. To make sure that the efforts of our woodworkers result in beds with excellent functionality as well as decorative value, we use only premium-quality hardwoods.

The domestic timber species with which our crew makes wooden bed frames for Kent area residents include:

  • Reclaimed fir
  • American black walnut
  • White, red and black oak
  • Splatted maple, ash, mahogany, and cherry

If you need a custom wood bed frame for your Kent area property, Crafthammer Designs is the best place to visit. Call (425) 800-8180 now!