Wood Bed Frame Bonney Lake

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in a bedroom is the bed itself. If you want to take the interior of your bedroom to another level, then you should consider getting customized wooden bed frames from us at Crafthammer Design. We create every type of wood bed frame for locals near the Bonney Lake, WA, area.

Each of the wooden bed frames created by us has a distinctive look. Therefore, you will never find two pieces alike. Moreover, while choosing material for a wood bed frame, we hand source it personally. This makes sure that the quality of the wood is top-notch, always.

Types of wood that we can work with while customizing your wood bed frame in Bonney Lake.

  • Black, red & white oak
  • Pacific madrone
  • Splatted maple

Bed Frame Bonney Lake

The thing that makes us one of the most popular designers of wooden bed frames is the fact that we can work with different materials. There are many types of woods available in the market, and we can create custom wood bed frames with most any.

The other reason why we suggest you give us a call for your wooden bed frames requirement is due to all the different designs available with us. Since we customize furniture, you will be able to find a range of looks and options for your wood bed frame. This makes it easy for you to choose a design that suits your interior style the most.

Here are some of the types of bed frames that we can customize for you around Bonney Lake.

  • Wooden platform beds
  • Sleigh-style beds
  • Simple wooden bed

Wooden Bed Frames Bonney Lake

Each of our wooden bed frames is created carefully and painstakingly. Therefore, the result is always beautiful and unique. Moreover, we keep the rawness of the material intact while creating a wood bed frame. This makes our furniture pieces even more attractive.

To add to this, even if you already have a design in mind, you can get in touch with us and learn more about our wooden bed frames customization. So, the next time you need a wood bed frame for your home, give us a call.

Why should you hire us for customizing your wooden bed frames around Bonney Lake?

  • We showcase excellent craftsmanship
  • Use quality wood always
  • Can create different designs

To get custom wood bed frames for your property around Bonney Lake, you can call Crafthammer Design at (425) 800-8180.