Wood Bed Frame Bainbridge Island


A solid wood bed frame in your Bainbridge Island, WA area property creates the perfect foundation for a night of sound sleep and makes your bedroom the peaceful haven for relaxation that it is meant to be.

At Crafthammer Designs, we offer the secure and reliable wooden bed frames that people like to have supporting their mattresses. Every wooden bed crafted by us is high not just on the structural integrity factor but also on aesthetics. We strive to provide our customers with wooden bed frames that are as wonderful to look at as they are to use.

Our furniture shop offers a multitude of options in wood beds for homes as well as commercial establishments. You can shop with us for a wood bed frame for your Bainbridge Island area property in the:

  • Preferred wood species out of the many available
  • King or queen size
  • A platform, incline sleight-style or four-poster design
  • With or without storage style

Bed Frame Bainbridge Island


We use top-grade reclaimed domestic wood to make custom-designed wooden bed frames for our customers. The timber species that you can choose from for your bed include ash, douglas fir, Pacific madrone, mahogany, American black walnut, spalted maple, black, white and red oak, and more.

While the quality of a natural wood bed frame depends on the material used, it is also affected by the level of expertise of the furniture maker. We understand this very well and therefore, hire our crew very carefully. You can trust us to have the wood bed frame for your Bainbridge Island property crafted by technicians who are:

  • Exceptionally skilled
  • Extensively experienced
  • Artisans dedicated to doing a seamless job

Call us today to discuss your requirements for a wood bed frame.

Wooden Bed Frames Bainbridge Island


The objective with which we handle all orders for wooden bed frames from Bainbridge island area residents is to supply them with products that:

  • Meet their precise specifications
  • Reflect their refined tastes
  • Are an excellent investment in their daily comfort

We are very particular about the customization of these wooden bed frames. Whether you commission us to make a wood bed frame or wood and metal bed frame, rest assured of receiving the exact thing that you ordered.

We welcome you and look forward to discussing your wood bed frame plans with our professionals and also to explore their unique ideas for wooden bed frames.

Come to Crafthammer Designs for beautiful and sturdy wooden bed frames for your Bainbridge Island area property. Call (425) 800-8180.