Live Edge Dining Room Tables Tacoma


If you are looking to buy a dining table and are checking out the latest furniture trends, you are sure to notice a growing preference for a live edge dining room table in Tacoma, WA and beyond.

A live edge dining room table is made from a salvaged or reclaimed wood slab that retains the natural outline of the tree it came from. One or more of its sides are not altered, making each table unique. The key reasons for popularity of a live edge dining room table are that it:

  • Looks incredibly stylish; is like an artwork
  • Incorporates modern and traditional aesthetics
  • Is versatile (goes with any décor)
  • Has timeless appeal
  • Is environment-friendly

Another attraction of a live edge dining room table is that it is extremely functional and durable.

Are you eager to add a live edge dining room table to your Tacoma property? Get in touch with Crafthammer Designs.

Custom Live Edge Tables Tacoma


We are a leading furniture maker serving the community since 2012. We specialize in making custom live edge tables for homes as well as commercial settings. In addition to creating a live edge dining room table, we can fabricate custom coffee tables, conference tables, or office desks for you.

Custom live edge tables are a big and important investment to your property. Choose our skilful woodworkers who can be trusted to give you furniture pieces that offer great value for your money.

We are the one-stop shop for custom live edge tables in the Tacoma area. No matter what type and size of custom live edge tables you want for your home or business, we design them for you with:

  • Premium-quality timber
  • A flawless finish
  • Detailed, personalized attention of our craftsmen

Tacoma Custom Coffee Tables


Custom coffee tables can be made with different types of wood, in several unique designs. Opting for live custom coffee tables assures Tacoma residents of eye-catching, strong, reliable, and long-lasting products.

Invest in our live edge custom coffee tables if you looking for an elegant as well as practical option that becomes the centerpiece of your room. What makes us the right furniture manufacturers for live edge custom coffee tables is that we:

  • Deliver quality tables
  • Give top priority to customer satisfaction
  • Work at competitive prices

Crafthammer Designs is the foremost fabricator and supplier of custom live edge tables in the Tacoma area. Call (425) 800-8180 to discuss your requirements.