Live Edge Dining Room Tables Seattle


Traditional tables have been made with symmetrical shapes, straight lines, and smooth edges. Are you looking for something a bit more unique? There is a growing preference for custom live edge tables in Seattle, WA.

Live edge furniture incorporates the natural curve or edge of tree into the design, creating a rustic aesthetic by retaining one or more rugged edges of lumber.

At Crafthammer Designs, we specialize in making live edge dining room tables for Seattle residents. Count on us to add a dash of sophistication to your interior décor with an exclusive live edge dining room table.

We assure you of a gorgeous live edge dining room table that is:

  • Fabricated by master craftsmen
  • Made from reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood
  • Built to last

Custom Live Edge Tables Seattle


Our expertise with live edge furniture is not limited to dining tables. We make custom live edge tables for other areas of your home or business as well, including custom coffee tables, conference room tables, and office desks.

We are known for crafting some of the finest custom live edge tables available in Seattle. Crafthammer Designs can create custom live edge tables that you will love for their:

  • Rustic elegance
  • Brilliant finish
  • One-of-a-kind unique look
  • Sturdiness

Call us to order a live edge dining room table, coffee table, or office table. You are just a phone call away from owning one of the stunning custom live edge tables made by our expert woodworkers!

Seattle Custom Coffee Tables


Looking for a unique custom coffee table that will be the focal point of your living room? Crafthammer Designs can create the perfect table for your space.

Custom live edge tables are a furniture trend that is here to stay. We provide Seattle residents with live edge custom coffee tables to be enjoyed for years to come.

Our professionals have vast experience in making custom coffee tables and can create a beautiful one for you:

  • To precisely match your specifications
  • Quickly and efficiently
  • For a competitive price

Want a high-quality live edge dining room table, custom coffee tables, conference tables, or benches for your Seattle home or business? Visit Crafthammer Designs or call (425) 800-8180.