Live Edge Dining Room tables Marysville


The aesthetic of live edge tables is trending. People love the natural and rugged look of the tree slabs that are left with their edges intact. Designers are selecting unique and stylish custom coffee tables and custom live edge tables to give homes and offices a rustic yet modern look.

If you are looking for distinctive custom live edge tables, we can help. We at Crafthammer Designs are experts at creating stunning live edge dining room tables for Marysville, WA homes. Trust us to create a live edge dining room table that is:

  • Unique to your home
  • Made from the best quality authentic wood
  • Custom made to suit your taste and space

Our specialist woodworkers enhance the grain and texture of the wood, giving a timeless beauty to the live edge dining room table for your Marysville home. We place special emphasis on planing and sanding the wood so that your table has no sharp or pointed edges.

Custom Live Edge Tables Marysville


The beauty of the live edge dining room table is highlighted in the fact that they are unique to your home. No two pieces will have the same contours, each table has an individual look, this is what makes the custom live edge tables so popular.

Order your custom live edge tables for your Marysville home or office from us and get the following benefits:

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Enliven your space with sustainable furniture
  • Optimal value for your investment

We make custom live edge tables for all areas of a home or office. These beautifully hand crafted pieces go well with the rest of the décor while adding a sense of nature to the space.

Marysville Custom Coffee Tables


Instead of choosing mass produced coffee tables, select something different for your home. Custom coffee tables with live edges can give your space a rustic feel while maintaining a modern look.

We craft beautiful custom coffee tables for Marysville homes. Ordering custom coffee tables for various areas of your home or office gives you the liberty to choose the following:

  • Wood species
  • Size and style
  • Finish
  • Texture and trim details

The best part about custom coffee tables is that they never go out of style. You can place them in the lobby area, garden, sunroom or any other part of your home or office and they will look stunning.

Get in touch with Crafthammer Designs at (425) 800-8180 for more information about a live edge dining room table or custom coffee tables in Marysville.