Custom Wood Tables for Renton Residents


Custom made tables are ideal because they fit well in their environment because they have been designed specifically for that area. If you are looking for a professional company that offers custom wood tables to fit your home or office then we can help. We at Crafthammer Designs offer quality custom wood tables for Renton, WA residents.

We offer custom made wood tables for sale that:

  • Are exquisitely designed
  • Have superior workmanship
  • Add style to any home or office

Whether you are looking for custom made kitchen tables or handmade dining tables, we can design them specifically for your surroundings. Our custom wood tables will please you and give you a sense of pride. You can rely on our craftsmen as they have an eye for detailing. They will ensure that your custom wood table is just as you have dreamt of.

Live Edge Wood Custom Dining Tables for Renton Homes


There can be nothing better than having custom dining tables in your home. When you choose to have one made of live edge wood you are creating a one of a kind custom wood table. We have been building custom dining tables for Renton homes for a long time. We are well versed with the taste and preferences of the homeowners.

We will help you decide on the design of your custom dining table made from live edge wood based on the following criteria:

  • Choice of wood
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Price

If you wish to design your own dining room table, we will follow your design and bring that design to reality. If you do not have a specific design in mind, you can rely on us to create beautiful custom dining tables for your home.

Unique Wood Tables For Sale In Renton


You want a company that offers unique wood tables for sale in Renton. If you are unable to find the ideal table that fits your style you can have a unique wood table designed by us. We offer some really exquisite wood tables for sale in Renton.

You can choose any of the following for your home:

  • Dining tables sets
  • Farm tables
  • Rustic kitchen table

We are proud that all our products are made with precision and accuracy by quality craftsmen who take pride in their work.

If you have any needs of custom dining tables and you are looking for an exquisite collection of wood tables for sale in Renton, call Crafthammer Designs at (425) 800-8180.