Custom Wood Tables for Everett Residents


Creating custom wood tables for your Everett, WA home is not out of reach! Many people assume that any custom furniture is too:

  • Expensive
  • Hard to find in their area
  • Difficult to deliver and set up
  • High maintenance

That couldn’t be further from the truth, however. We at Crafthammer Designs are here to tell you that custom wood tables are not a pipe dream! We create custom wood dining tables for homeowners in the Everett area that are easy to maintain, gorgeous, and affordable.

The best part is that your custom made table is going to really impress your family, guests, and anyone who sees it. What are you waiting for? Call us today to talk about your custom wood table design wishes.

Live Edge Wood Custom Dining Tables for Everett Homes


Have you ever seen live edge wood custom dining tables? They are usually a “slab” cut from the middle of the tree, with the inside grain exposed and finished to a high gloss. This creates a stunning look and can even have the rougher edge bark on the sides.

Everett homeowners are loving this look and call us for live edge wood custom dining tables all the time. We create custom dining tables that are:

  • Sturdy
  • Functional for parties, family meals, and even Thanksgiving
  • One-of-a-kind

Living in this beautiful, wooded area, many people enjoy the rustic look of a custom made table. Match the great outdoors with your beautiful interiors with our custom dining tables. You can even help us design your own dining room table! Custom dining tables can match any decor, any size requirements, and any specific styles (bench, chair, bar height, etc.).

Unique Wood Tables For Sale In Everett


Are you scouring garage sales and local stores for unique wood tables for sale? Most tables currently on the market are made from pressed or laminate wood, which makes them less durable and much less attractive.

With our wood tables for sale in Everett, homeowners benefit from:

  • Real wood
  • Live edge wood looks
  • Stunning wood grains
  • Sturdy, durable tables

We can create a rustic dining table set, farm tables, or a farmhouse dining room table if that’s what you want. We have plenty of pictures of wood tables for sale that you can use as inspiration for your table, or bring your own ideas.

Custom dining tables can be found at Crafthammer Designs. Whether you want a custom wood table or an entire set for your Everett home, call us at (425) 800-8180.