Custom Wood Office Furniture for Tacoma Businesses


What’s the one thing that would make your Tacoma, WA office look amazing? It’s not more cubicles and it’s not more generic office furniture. It’s custom wood office furniture from Crafthammer Designs! We are committed to building custom wood office furniture that all of our business clients love.

We build desks, tables, and more - all of which are:

  • Made with the finest wood
  • Built to last
  • Styled to match your office decor

Whether your want custom computer desks or a new conference room table, we are the people to call. Our custom desk maker knows how to combine style with function so your employees can be comfortable and productive at work. Call us today if you’re interested in new custom wood office furniture for your Tacoma office.

Live Edge Wood Conference Tables for the Tacoma Company


Do you love the look of solid wood conference room tables? Unlike the particle or plastic style conference tables many businesses use, wood conference tables:

  • Are sturdy
  • Last a long time
  • Can seat more people

We can make your wood conference tables are large as you need, and we can even use live edge wood. Live edge wood is basically a slab of the middle of a tree, and it shows the inside grain and the outside bark.

This style is really popular right now, but so is a rustic wood conference table, a modern wood conference table, and even round or odd-shaped tables. Whatever your Tacoma business needs from a conference table, we can make it happen. We also promise that your team and clients will be wowed when they see your wood conference table.

Why Come to Us for a Custom Office Desk in Tacoma?


How many desks have you had to replace in the last year? Desks are a common casualty in any Tacoma office, whether from:

  • Drawers/cabinets breaking
  • Not enough room
  • Damage from daily use

When you have used furniture or modular office furniture, desks are always getting replaced. Instead of worrying about the next desk to replace, why not invest in a custom office desk for your business employees?

Not only can you increase the longevity of your desks, but you can tie in the office style and conserve space. We can create custom wood desks that fit computers, files, and more. We also build custom desks for home office and executive offices.

Custom wood office furniture is just a call away. Your Tacoma business can have custom wood desks or a brand new wood conference table when you call Crafthammer Designs at (425) 800-8180.