Custom Wood Office Furniture for Sammamish Businesses


Furnishing an office is a lot more work than you’d think. You have to find the desks, shelves, and cabinets that fit all of your paperwork and equipment, plus have enough space for everyone to move around. That’s why Crafthammer Designs is now offering custom wood office furniture for Sammamish, WA businesses. Thanks to our custom wood desks, your whole team can:

  • Have their own work space
  • Have enough storage
  • Create a layout that makes sense for the office

Instead of buying cheap modular furniture that breaks easily, invest in custom wood office furniture that is attractive, functional, and built to last. Our other customers have been highly satisfied with their custom wood desks, conference tables, and more.

Live Edge Wood Conference Tables for the Sammamish Company


What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a conference room? The conference table, of course! Give your Sammamish business the best first impression: invest in wood conference tables today. We offer a variety of conference tables, including:

  • Solid wood conference room tables
  • Reclaimed wood conference tables
  • Tables that fit 12, 14, or even 20 people
  • Tables in non-rectangular sizes

Whatever you’re thinking for your Sammamish conference table, let our wood conference tables designer help. We can choose the right wood and finish, as well as style the legs and surface area to match your overall office theme. Your potential clients will be stunned by your new table and so will your employees.

Why Come to Us for a Custom Office Desk in Sammamish?


Most business owners just buy the first desk they find that fits the space and their budget. But that often proves to be a disaster because generic desks:

  • Break easily
  • Are too large and unusable for employee needs
  • Don’t always match the office decor

But with a custom office desk, all of these problems are past you. Your Sammamish business can order custom wood desks from us so that your whole team can enjoy a desk that is uniquely theirs. We make sure our custom desk maker knows your wood preferences, size and style requirements, and your budget.

From there, we create a custom office desk that is fit for a king (or CEO). Our custom executive desk is another popular order, as it’s large enough to host a few people in your office, hold computers, and still organize files.

Let Crafthammer Designs know if you want custom wood office furniture for your Sammamish business. Reach us at (425) 800-8180.