Custom Wood Office Furniture for Renton Businesses


When you’re looking to furnish your Renton, WA office, it can be hard to find something that incorporates:

  • Your business style
  • Your office layout and size
  • Your budget

Luckily, custom wood office furniture can do all of that and more. Crafthammer Designs is known for creating custom wood desks and custom wood office furniture to fit any space. We also work with you to design customer computer desks, a custom executive desk, or conference room tables.

Whatever your business needs, our custom desk builder can make it happen. We also promise that the furniture will be built to last so you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

Live Edge Wood Conference Tables for the Renton Company


The first thing you notice when you walk into a conference room is the size of the conference table. You also probably notice what it’s made from and whether or not it looks cheap. Just remember that if you notice these things, your potential customers and visitors will, too.

With our live edge wood conference tables, your Renton business can:

  • Impress its clients
  • Fit everyone on the team
  • Invest in a table that will last for many years to come

Our live edge wood is a popular look for many Renton businesses, as it shows the inner grain of the wood. It also has some bark accents on the edging, adding a little extra design to tie your office together. Whether you want it to look like a modern wood conference table or a reclaimed wood conference table look, we can do it all.

Why Come to Us for a Custom Office Desk in Renton?


Did you know that, when you come to us, you can customize your own desk? Whether you’re a CEO, executive, or just want a cool story about your office, our custom office desks are a great option for any Renton business. We offer:

  • Custom wood desks
  • Custom desks for home office
  • Desks in all shapes and sizes

If you’re concerned about custom office desk cost, don’t be. We are always upfront about our materials and design costs and will work with you to find the right balance for your budget.

Don’t waste your money on cubicle or modular furniture; find custom office desks that reflect your business style and employee needs. We promise you’ll be happy you chose custom wood desks from us.

Renton businesses can now get custom wood office furniture from Crafthammer Designs. Call us at (425) 800-8180 to learn more.