Custom Wood Office Furniture for Issaquah Businesses


Do you love the look of custom wood office furniture but don’t think you can afford it? More and more Issaquah, WA business owners are finding that custom wood office furniture isn’t actually out their reach! Call Crafthammer Designs today for custom wood desks and more.

These unique pieces of office furniture can:

  • Spruce up the entire office
  • Improve property value and assets
  • Increase productivity
  • Limit the need for extra storage

Why spend time trying to make modular furniture work for you when you could have custom wood office furniture designed specifically for your needs? Your clients will be impressed and your employees will love their new custom wood desks. Call us today!

Live Edge Wood Conference Tables for the Issaquah Company


Live edge wood conference tables are really popular in many Issaquah businesses. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, these wood conference tables are also:

  • Built to last
  • Classic and timeless
  • Large enough to host your entire team and potential clients

You won’t have to worry about investing in wood conference tables, either - they are going to last a long time and won’t go out of style like other options on the market. Issaquah offices can benefit from having such a powerful piece in their conference rooms; wood conference tables can be an important part in displaying your business’s professionalism.

We can also make a reclaimed wood conference table or a modern wood conference table to fit your tastes.

Why Come to Us for a Custom Office Desk in Issaquah?


If you’re on the market for a custom office desk in Issaquah, you might have found a few carpenters or wholesalers in the area. However, it’s important to choose craftsmen that specialize in custom wood office furniture, especially:

  • Custom wood desks
  • Custom executive desks
  • Round or asymmetrical sizes
  • Different kinds of wood

Unlike ready-made furniture or composite wood desks, our custom office desk options are of the highest quality and made with solid wood. We promise every office that their desks will last for many years to come, and that they’ll be built exactly to specification.

Give your employees a custom office desk; they’re bound to be more productive and it will entirely change the look of your office.

Custom wood office furniture is just a call away. Call Crafthammer Designs for wood conference tables or custom office desks in Issaquah. Dial (425) 800-8180 to learn more.