Custom Wood Office Furniture for Everett Businesses


Whether you’re opening an office for the first time or you’re revamping your current office, you’re probably in the market for office furniture. While many Everett, WA businesses think they have to buy cheap, modular furniture, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Instead, you can find affordable custom wood office furniture at Crafthammer Designs. We build custom wood office furniture that includes:

  • Custom computer desks
  • Custom executive desk
  • Round or rectangular tables
  • Wood conference tables

Everything your office needs in terms of furniture, our custom desk maker can build for you. Unlike generic office furniture, custom wood office furniture is built to last, functional, and will be so much more beautiful and inspiring than gray, plastic furniture!

Live Edge Wood Conference Tables for the Everett Company


The conference room is an important area for any Everett business. That’s why you should look for real wood conference tables that make a statement and can fit your whole team. Unlike regular conference tables, a wood conference table is durable, functional, and beautiful.

We offer a variety of:

  • Live edge wood conference tables
  • Rustic wood conference tables
  • Reclaimed wood conference tables

With a custom wood conference table, you can tie in the decor of your office, fit everyone comfortably, and wow your potential clients. The best part is that you’ll have a high quality conference table that will last for many years to come.

Why buy conference tables that go in and out of style? Wood conference tables are classic, timeless, and will always complement your Everett business style.

Why Come to Us for a Custom Office Desk in Everett?


How many times have you invested in desks for your Everett business? Most businesses buy composite or plastic desks that can be moved between offices or cubicles easily, but these desks break down quickly. A custom office desk means that you’ll get:

  • Enough space to grow
  • A high quality desk that won’t break down
  • A beautiful wood desk that won’t go out of style

Inspire your employees and impress your potential clients when you customize your own desk. Our custom desk builder will take into account your office size, what you need to store in it, and what it will be used for most. Then, we’ll create custom wood desks for you or everyone in your office. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have a custom office desk that will last a lifetime.

Your Everett business deserves custom wood office furniture. Crafthammer Designs is here to provide wood conference tables and custom office desks for your office. Call us at (425) 800-8180.