Custom Wood Furniture for Home and Business


There are few among us who wouldn’t prefer the superior craftsmanship quality of custom wood furniture makers over mass-produced furniture.

Handmade wood furniture makes an enormous statement when guests or clients enter your home or business office because these areas are the most honest reflection of you and your success.

The continued growth of this company is measured by our:

  • Knowledge of the craft
  • Passionate eye for design
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Timeless design
  • True passion for what we do
  • Love for custom American made furniture

Our ability to successfully design and build handmade wood furniture in free form is a challenging and rewarding task.

You are invited to call Crafthammer Design for beautiful solutions for American made furniture that highlight the natural beauty of hardwoods from sustainable forest resources.

American Made Furniture Since 2012


The journey of this company started in 2012 and is deeply-rooted in a love for custom American made furniture that combines art, design and craftsmanship.

Just as there are no two of us alike, there are no two pieces of wood exactly the same. And that is what makes every step of our handmade wood furniture design process a challenging and artful experience.

Our fabrication methods for each custom wood furniture design demonstrate a keen knowledge of craftsmanship:

  • Meticulous hand-selection of domestic or imported wood
  • Hand-fit perfection of each element
  • A steady hand for detail
  • Remarkable commitment to finishing

Our handmade wood furniture combines an artisan approach with a rare creative vision and superior craftsmanship.

Whether you have a preference for contemporary or classic designs, or a beautiful contrast with natural untouched edges that we refer to as “live edge”, the superior craftsmanship of our custom wood furniture makers will be a reminder of the natural beauty that comes from a living tree! Call us today!

Handmade Wood Furniture Designs


If you yearn for American made furniture with a sureness of quality, enduring strength and superior craftsmanship, we encourage you to review our site to learn more about our handmade wood furniture designs.

This is not about imagination but rather custom wood furniture that evokes a unique response with its timeless design, a recognizable difference with a touch of your hand, and a sense of rich beauty from live edge slab wood from a cross section of a natural tree.

These are a few of many benefits of custom wood furniture:

  • Its own created and designed unique style
  • Profound decorative value
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Assurance of timeless pieces for generations to come

If you would like to learn more about our beautifully handcrafted American made furniture for residential and commercial spaces that are custom works of art, please call Crafthammer Design at 425-800-8180.