We Design Custom Wood Beds


Just as the natural wood that we use has its own inherent character with no two pieces ever alike, my designs of fine wood furniture are also unique with no two pieces alike.

Our handcrafted solid wood beds are designed and built one piece at a time from the finest sustainable hardwoods.

These can include:

  • Custom made platform beds of solid wood
  • Incline Sleigh-style elegant wooden beds
  • Simple bed designs in wood
  • Wooden bed designs with storage
  • Rustic wood beds
  • Floating solid wood platform bed frame
  • Four poster elegant wooden beds
  • Reclaimed solid wood beds

And when we design unique custom wood beds we can also design matching or accompaniment pieces.

We use the same method for design of custom beds as do for all other custom furniture pieces. We invite you to share your inspirational thoughts and ideas; and, we blend in our passion for design to yield the perfect fine wooden custom bed design that becomes a reflection of your character. Call us to get started!

Unique Designs for Solid Wood Beds

Following our collaborative discussion of ideas, we begin working on a detailed sketch lavishing special attention on a unique and timeless custom design of an elegant wooden bed with profound decorative value.

We also introduce each client to domestic wood suitable for custom wood beds such as, but not limited to:

  • Black, red and white oak
  • Ash
  • Pacific madrone
  • Spalted maple
  • Douglas fir
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Reclaimed fir
  • Sequoia
  • Spruce
  • American black walnut

We can tailor the dimensions of solid wood beds to fit comfortably into a designated space. If you prefer form and function, we can do so while still achieving an elegant wooden bed design that is an exceptional work of art.

Each of our creatively designed custom wood beds is built with superior craftsmanship with the assurance that it will last for years to come. We don’t just make furniture; we create art!

Elegant Wooden Beds

If there is one piece of furniture in your home that truly reflects your personal style and taste, and that envelops you with uncompromising comfort, it is your solid wood bed!

We embrace the idea that elegant wooden beds should be of timeless design, evoking a unique sureness of quality and enduring strength.

Not only does that require a passionate eye for design, but a sense of pride in superior craftsmanship.

These are additional reasons that you should choose us for custom wood beds:

  • Our knowledge of the craft
  • Meticulous hand selection of the perfect solid wood
  • Assurance that your solid wood bed will last for years to come

Call Crafthammer design for rare creative custom wood bed designs, and a philosophy that gives the final choice back to the client! 425-800-8180