Custom Outdoor Kitchen for Redmond Outdoor Living Spaces


Outdoor parties are great fun. However, there is someone who can feel isolated in such gatherings – the person who is cooking inside! At Crafthammer Designs, we solve this dilemma by designing and building a custom outdoor kitchen for Redmond, WA homes.

With a well-equipped outside kitchen in the yard, a summer barbeque with family or friends is no longer a tedious task. A custom outdoor kitchen frees you from the hassles of:

  • Hauling the grill and chairs out of the garage
  • Cleaning the yard to make space for cooking and sitting
  • Running in and out of the indoor kitchen to bring food for the guests outdoors

Call us today to discuss custom outdoor kitchen designs for your Redmond home if you wish to put your outdoor living spaces to optimal use.

Customized Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Redmond Residents


We create amazing outdoor kitchen designs that are aimed at making alfresco dining as enjoyable for the chef as for those enjoying the meal.

Whether we are asked to provide outdoor kitchen designs for small spaces or hired to design a spacious outside kitchen in a huge backyard, we strive to create a self-sufficient cooking space and dining area.

Some of the elements that are a part of our customized outdoor kitchen designs for Redmond homeowners include:

  • Outdoor barbeque island
  • Cabinetry
  • Pizza oven
  • Cook top
  • Refrigerator
  • Comfortable seating

Our highly imaginative custom outdoor kitchen designs assure customers of excellent long-term returns from their investment in an outside kitchen.

Unique Outside Kitchens for Redmond Homes


The kitchen is, without any doubt, the heart of every home. We strive to replicate the same appeal with outside kitchen installations in Redmond homes. Our technicians put all their knowledge, experience and creativity into designing a unique outside kitchen that becomes the focal point of the yard it is a part of.

We also take care that the kitchen is:

  • Built with top-grade materials and products
  • Marked by exquisite workmanship
  • Made for excellent durability and longevity

Every home and homeowner needs a different type of outside kitchen. We understand this and offer custom outdoor kitchen designs to suit varying style preferences, socializing requirements, cooking needs and budgets. From rustic outdoor kitchen ideas to contemporary outside kitchen designs, we have them all.

To learn more about the services provided by Crafthammer Designs for making a custom outdoor kitchen in any Redmond home, call (425) 800-8180.