Custom Outdoor Kitchen for Issaquah Outdoor Living Spaces


Most Issaquah, WA homeowners prepare food for a BBQ inside and have to use only a standing grill to cook. That means a lot of trips in and out of the house, messes in the kitchen, and guests tramping in and out of the house.

What if you could avoid all of that and:

  • Enjoy more time outside?
  • Cook delicious food in a full outdoor kitchen?
  • Keep guests outside?
  • Have easier clean up?

A custom outdoor kitchen from Crafthammer Designs is just what you need. We have extensive experience in custom outdoor kitchen designs and can create an outdoor grill station, an outdoor BBQ island, and so much more.

We are also a full outdoor kitchen appliance dealer, which means you can add to your kitchen or replace appliances easily. Let’s get started on your Issaquah outdoor kitchen today!

Customized Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Issaquah Residents


Outdoor kitchen designs plans can be overwhelming if you’re considering a DIY project. We don’t recommend taking on a customized outdoor kitchen project because:

  • Construction experience is necessary
  • Gas or propane lines are usually needed
  • You want your outdoor kitchen to last

When you call us, you get outdoor kitchen designs that are expertly designed and built, as well as easy to maintain. We also promise affordable outdoor kitchen designs costs, which means your Issaquah project won’t cost an arm and a leg.

We have outdoor kitchen designs for small spaces, as well as tons of outdoor kitchen pictures from past projects to help you decide what you want.

Unique Outside Kitchens for Issaquah Homes


It seems like just about every Issaquah homeowner has a standing grill and generic patio furniture - how else are they supposed to enjoy their backyard? There is another alternative, though: outside kitchens.

With our outdoor kitchen designs plans, you can:

  • Have a unique outdoor living space
  • Use full-sized outdoor appliances
  • Enjoy delicious food made with more than just a grill

Outside kitchens also increase property value and expand your potential living space; what’s not to like? We have plenty of simple outdoor kitchen or rustic outdoor kitchen ideas, if you’d like to see them.

We also specialize in outdoor kitchen islands, grill stations, and even concrete or granite countertops. Our outside kitchens can be exactly what you want them to be.

Get ready to create a custom outdoor kitchen for your Issaquah home or property. Crafthammer Designs is the name to remember for outdoor kitchen designs plans. Dial (425) 800-8180.