Custom Outdoor Kitchen for Everett Outdoor Living Spaces


What if you could cook, entertain your kids or guests, and enjoy the outdoors right in your own backyard? Unlike basic patio furniture or standing grills, a custom outdoor kitchen has tons to offer Everett, WA homeowners.

Here at Crafthammer Designs, we pride ourselves on creating custom outdoor kitchens that:

  • Improve outdoor living
  • Give homeowners a chance to unwind
  • Make it easy to cook and entertain outside
  • Are easy to clean and maintain

Do you want an outdoor grill station? Are you wondering about outdoor kitchen islands? We can help you do it all with our custom outdoor kitchen designs. The best part is that you get double the returns on your investment, both in personal and financial gains.

You can spend more time outside enjoying the weather and your family - and you can increase your property value. What’s not to like? Call us today to get started on your custom outdoor kitchen in Everett.

Customized Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Everett Residents


If you’re searching the internet for outdoor kitchen designs plans, it’s time to call us. We can help you create customize outdoor kitchen designs that actually fit your Everett backyard, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you need outdoor kitchen designs for small spaces or are considering outdoor kitchen designs with pool, let us give you a quote.

The best part about outdoor kitchen designs is that they:

  • Are exactly what you need
  • Aren’t store-bought and generic
  • Increase your property value

You don’t have to just purchase the same patio furniture that your neighbors have; you can have unique, one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen designs that wow your guests and family. We also sell outdoor kitchen appliances, so you can always add to your outdoor kitchen later.

Unique Outside Kitchens for Everett Homes


Most of our customers look for a simple outdoor kitchen for their Everett home. Unlike other contractors out there, though, we offer custom outside kitchens that include:

  • Rustic themes
  • Modern appliances
  • BBQ islands
  • Ovens
  • And more!

Our outdoor kitchens aren’t limited by standard designs; everything we create is custom to fit your backyard’s size and dimensions, as well as your budget. You can even check out our outdoor kitchen pictures and portfolio if you’re wondering what we’ve built in the past.

Our outdoor kitchen designs plans are one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to increase your quality of outdoor living - as well as your property value!

Are you dreaming of a custom outdoor kitchen for your Everett home or property? Call Crafthammer Designs for more information on our outdoor kitchen designs. You can reach us at (425) 800-8180.