Custom Concrete Countertops for Issaquah Homes & Businesses


Are you looking for a stunning addition to your home or business? If you have generic formica countertops, or even outdated or damaged granite, it’s time for a custom concrete countertop upgrade. Issaquah, WA home and business owners love the look of custom concrete countertops from Crafthammer Designs. We work hard to provide:

  • Concrete countertops that fit your space perfectly
  • Colors that match your decor
  • Prices that make us an easy choice

Unlike other surfaces, custom concrete countertops are designed to fit your area exactly. We polish them to a high or medium glass, and can stain them to be any color or design you want. With other materials, you’re limited by the type and size, but not with our countertops! We also like to note that custom concrete countertops cost much less than most people expect, so call us today!

Unique Concrete Countertops Offer Beauty and Durability


How many concrete surfaces can you trust to hold hot pots, stand up to kids and food, or just handle daily traffic in a Issaquah business? Granite and marble seem like great options, but they’re often expensive and not very durable. If you want the best quality countertops at the best possible price, you want to check out concrete countertops. We know you’re probably searching for concrete countertops pros and cons, but we believe Issaquah homes and businesses can:

  • Save money
  • Improved the life of their counters
  • Get a look they love

Concrete countertops can be polished and stained to get the look you want without costing a fortune. On top of that, we provide custom concrete work so it’s always exactly what you need. Check out our Issaquah concrete countertops reviews so you know we’re the company to trust!

Polished Concrete Countertops for Issaquah Residents


When you think of concrete countertops, do you think of dull, gray, porous surfaces? That’s not what our countertops look like! We offer polished concrete countertops that can:

  • Look like marble
  • Match any color or polish preferences
  • Withstand kitchen traffic

Whether you’re looking for a surface that won’t dent or scratch, or you want a surface that exactly matches your decor tastes, polished concrete countertops are the way to go. Issaquah homeowners find that polished concrete countertops cost much less than other alternatives, and they provide a unique look that nobody else has.

Each of the polished concrete countertops we finish has an individual polish and color to it, making it a statement piece ideal for any home. Are you considering custom concrete countertops? Call Crafthammer Designs for your concrete project in Issaquah. Dial (425) 800-8180.