Issaquah Concrete Mantel


Are you in search for an amazing concrete mantel for your Issaquah, WA property? Crafthammer Designs is an industry leader in this field, assisting you in developing top-of-the-line personalized features for your house.

A fireplace, such as the Issaquah concrete mantel, surrounds the entrance of a fireplace and often conceals a portion of the chimney.

Hence, an Issaquah concrete mantel is critical to the whole fireplace arrangement, as it prevents smoke from entering the room by redirecting it to the chimney.

Additionally, an Issaquah concrete mantel offers a variety of additional functions like serving as a decorative feature inside the area, a shelf for storing several goods and more.

We offer varieties of Issaquah concrete mantel including:

  • Concrete fireplace mantel shelf
  • Concrete fireplace with wood mantel
  • Concrete mantel installation
  • Concrete fireplace mantel

When looking for the best and most affordable Issaquah concrete mantel, please reach out to Crafthammer Designs today!

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Issaquah Concrete Mantels


With so many Issaquah concrete mantels available, selecting the perfect one may be difficult.

If, however, you are uncertain of the style or kind of Issaquah concrete mantels that would look best in your house, you may seek assistance from our Issaquah concrete mantels specialists.

Rely on us to design and construct the greatest Issaquah concrete mantels, as we have done for previous customers. We create Issaquah concrete mantels depending on the available space, the kind of fireplace and the available money.

Contact us to install any of the following Issaquah concrete mantels:

  • Distressed concrete fireplace mantel
  • Smooth concrete fireplace mantel
  • Concrete framed mantel
  • Earth-colored fireplace mantel

For more information concerning Issaquah concrete mantels or any other thing that we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Crafthammer Designs today and our staff will be more than ready to assist!

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Issaquah Custom Concrete Mantels


If the existing Issaquah custom concrete mantels designs do not appeal to you, you may order our Issaquah custom concrete mantels. Simply communicate your concept for your Issaquah custom concrete mantels to us, and we will create it, transforming your fireplace into the main focal point of attention.

You can rely on us to meet your Issaquah custom concrete mantels requirements since we are professionals in custom furniture and accessories. Whether wood or metal, we have the creativity and expertise to construct Issaquah custom concrete mantels with outstanding features.

We provide the following:

  • Concrete mantels that look like wood
  • Modern concrete fireplace surround
  • Concrete fireplace mantel
  • Precast concrete fireplace hearth

Are you looking for dependable Issaquah custom concrete mantels that will meet all your needs? Look no further! Please contact Crafthammer Designs today and our staff will be more than happy to assist!

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