Bellevue Concrete Mantel


Have you been looking to design an exquisite concrete mantel for your Bellevue, WA property? Crafthammer Designs is a leading company in the domain to help you create top-of-the-line custom features for your home. A fireplace mantel or the Bellevue concrete mantel frames the opening of a fireplace and often covers part of the chimney breast.

Therefore, a Bellevue concrete mantel is a vital element of the entire fireplace setup, preventing the smoke from entering the room by diverting it back to the chimney. Furthermore, a Bellevue concrete mantel serves various other purposes, such as a decorative element within the room, a shelf to keep several items and more.

We can cater to numerous inquiries associated with a concrete mantel, including:

  • Concrete fireplace mantel
  • Concrete mantel shelf
  • Cement fireplace mantel
  • Concrete mantelpiece

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Bellevue Concrete Mantels


Since Bellevue concrete mantels are non-combustible, they allow you to use the space directly above a fireplace for many purposes. For instance, you could put up some art or even install a TV right above it. Our company provides comprehensive services for the installation, maintenance and refurbishing of Bellevue concrete mantels.

Bellevue concrete mantels are not just an essential item from a functional perspective, but they have become a critical element for the interior décor for any space. Our Bellevue concrete mantels are highly durable and versatile, which is why you can customize them to fit in and absorb the style of the room with various modifications.

We can help you design concrete mantels in several styles, such as:

  • Classic mantels
  • Modern mantels
  • Victorian mantels
  • Colonial mantels

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Bellevue Custom Concrete Mantels


Our company is a pioneering service provider for Bellevue custom concrete mantels in the region. Even if you want to create a customized look for your living space, it is crucial to work with a professional contractor to ensure that your Bellevue custom concrete mantels meet all the requirements and local building codes for fire safety.

Our designers have undergone extensive training and amassed tremendous domain expertise to work on the Bellevue custom concrete mantels for our diverse set of clients. Irrespective of the scope, scale or complexity of your requirement, our expert technicians will create incredible Bellevue custom concrete mantels to meet all your expectations.

We can help you build custom concrete mantels for many types of fireplaces, including:

  • Wood-burning fireplaces
  • Natural gas fireplaces
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Gas fireplace inserts

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