Sammamish Concrete Hearth


When our artisans at Crafthammer Designs build a concrete hearth in the Sammamish, WA, area, they can do so in a variety of shapes. A Sammamish concrete hearth can be easily built, molded and is non-combustible. That way, stray sparks or embers will not damage the Sammamish concrete hearth.

Bare concrete may not be the most attractive-looking material, but a Sammamish concrete hearth can be covered with tiles, stone, ceramic or slate to make it look classier. Our concrete hearths can also be painted over. Nevertheless, concrete is the most adaptable material to build a hearth. We offer a multitude of options and solutions for you to choose from such as:

  • Concrete fireplace hearth
  • Concrete fireplace mantel
  • Concrete polished hearth
  • Concrete mix for fireplace hearth
  • Concrete hearth pad
  • Cement hearth

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Sammamish Concrete Hearths


The superior craftsmanship of our skilled artisans ensures that the look and feel of your Sammamish concrete hearths are in sync with the surroundings. The bare hue of concrete may negatively affect the tone of the room, but our experts can build your Sammamish concrete hearths beautifully.

You as the homeowner will be left with strong, safe and elegant-looking Sammamish concrete hearths. We combine our passion for design and innovative skills to handcraft individual Sammamish concrete hearths for each customer. Choose from a variety of options for your hearth including:

  • Concrete stone hearth stone
  • Concrete floating hearth
  • Cement fireplace hearth
  • Stamped concrete fireplace hearth
  • Concrete staining hearth
  • Poured concrete hearth

We make all kinds of Sammamish concrete hearths! Call Crafthammer Designs today!

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Sammamish Custom Concrete Hearths


Whether you want raised Sammamish custom concrete hearths or ones flushed with the floor, our experts will put in the time and effort. They will make the mold, mix the concrete, allow it to sit, paint or seal it and put it in place in a few hours so that you can be satisfied with your Sammamish custom concrete hearths.

Ask our craftsmen to build the frame to your exact specifications for floating or leveled Sammamish custom concrete hearths. We use only the best-in-market, high-class materials, and state-of-the-art equipment to build Sammamish custom concrete hearths.

There are endless options when it comes to the building of your hearth including the following:

  • Polished concrete fireplace hearth
  • Concrete wood stove hearth
  • Self leveling compound fireplace hearth
  • Cement hearth pad
  • Concrete tile hearth
  • Stone custom concrete hearths

For unique and naturally appearing Sammamish custom concrete hearths, come to Crafthammer Designs!

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