Bellevue Concrete Hearth


Crafthammer Designs is the go-to contractor for installing or servicing a concrete hearth at your Bellevue, WA property. Hearths are an integral part of many types of fireplaces and help to keep both you and your house safe from fire hazards. A Bellevue concrete hearth is non-combustible and makes an excellent choice for your wood stove or wood-burning fireplace.

A Bellevue concrete hearth is generally easy-to-build and provides the flexibility to be adjusted to fit within the unique positioning and design of the fireplace. You can cover a Bellevue concrete hearth with other materials such as tile or slate to give it a classier, more attractive look and feel.

We can address several inquiries associated with a concrete hearth, including:

  • Concrete fireplace hearth
  • Concrete fireplace mantel
  • Polished concrete hearth
  • Concrete hearthstone

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Bellevue Concrete Hearths


If you have been looking for top-grade Bellevue concrete hearths, then you have arrived at the right place. Our company extensively focuses on achieving the right balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal with our Bellevue concrete hearths to ensure that they can fulfill their purpose and blend in with your interior décor beautifully.

Building Bellevue concrete hearths instead of stone or brick is a good choice because concrete is relatively cheap and more accessible to mold than other materials. Therefore, our company can help you with cost-effective solutions for Bellevue concrete hearths and provide comprehensive assistance to ensure they continue to do their job efficiently and safely.

Concrete hearths are essential for many types of fireplaces, such as:

  • Gas log fireplaces
  • Wood fireplace
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Gas fireplaces

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Bellevue Custom Concrete Hearths


Our dedicated team of designers can help you create Bellevue custom concrete hearths that elegantly highlight the unique design features within your home and living space. Whether you wish to refurbish the existing setup or design new Bellevue custom concrete hearths, our proficient technicians will ensure that project output meets your expectations.

As a recognized company in the domain, we have access to all the necessary resources to produce fine-quality Bellevue custom concrete hearths. Our company has been in business since 2012, and has helped countless customers create great Bellevue custom concrete hearths for their properties over the years.

We can assist you with several kinds of custom concrete hearths, including:

  • Flush-in-floor custom concrete hearths
  • Raised concrete hearths
  • Cantilevered custom concrete hearths
  • Smooth concrete hearth

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