Concrete Countertops Whidbey Island


Do you want to upgrade your interiors? Or are you looking for interesting countertop options to choose from? Worry not. Concrete countertops have been providing Whidbey Island people with uniquely crafted countertop solutions by uplifting the style quotient of their home. Craftshammer Designs has been helping people with creating and choosing the right concrete countertops for their requirement.

Our expert artisans play a key role in understanding client requirement before designing concrete countertops for their Whidbey Island home or office. Unlike wooden or marble countertops, concrete countertops are easy to clean and maintain. Regular service for surface sealing can further enhance the shelf life of your polished concrete countertops.

Concrete countertops are suitable for:

  • Drawing room
  • Dining table
  • Kitchen
  • Offices
  • Homes

Upgrade the functionality and beauty aspect of your kitchen with concrete countertops. Consult our expert craftsman to design a beautiful countertop from our wide range of concrete countertops available.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops Whidbey Island


Designing the right home that reflects your personality and provides for easy maintenance requires balancing art with technique. Every home has different countertop requirements. Therefore, our artists understand your taste in style, color, and finish before beginning the work on concrete kitchen countertops for your Whidbey Island home. This also helps us provide you with well-crafted service experience in addition to delivering functional yet visually appealing concrete kitchen countertops.

The beauty of opting for concrete kitchen countertops is that they are available in several colors and finishes, and can be specially designed for you. Concrete kitchen countertops can be designed to match your décor and add that contemporary or modern look to your home.

Our concrete kitchen countertops are created with:

  • Expert artisans creating a design for your needs
  • The best quality material
  • Several natural finishes

Concrete Counter Tops Whidbey Island


Regular maintenance ensures a long shelf life of concrete counter tops without demanding any extra expenditure. Difficult to repair, well-maintained concrete counter tops can be used for years without being cautious with the type of use. Another major benefit of these counter tops is that they are brilliantly built and super-easy to clean. These are available in several options such as polished concrete countertops in the Whidbey Island area. Several materials such as glass filaments, shells, stones, etc. can be embedded in the counter top to design the best-suited countertop for you.

Concrete counter tops are available in:

  • Marble finish
  • Custom-colored pigments
  • Trowled surfaces

Call Crafthammer Designs at (425) 800-8180 for concrete counter tops in the Whidbey Island area for your home.