Concrete Countertops SeaTac


When you talk about countertops, people mostly visualize granite or marble countertops. Thinking about countertops that are made of concrete is a bit fascinating as concrete is mostly used outdoors. However, concrete countertops are slowly getting very popular owing to the several benefits that they have over marble or granite countertops.

Call Crafthammer Designs for creating concrete countertops in SeaTac, WA. Being experts at customizing home and office furniture and countertops, we recommend concrete countertops as they offer the following benefits:

  • Can be customized to any kitchen configuration
  • Scratch and heat resistant
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Easy maintenance

We will help you choose the concrete countertop colors and textures that best match the rest of your décor. Whether you use these countertops in the kitchen or in the bathroom, they will definitely enhance the aesthetics of the room and the value of your home.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops SeaTac


The demand for concrete kitchen countertops results in concrete installers experimenting. They are using glass, fibers and other fine objects on sealed and concrete countertops, giving them a totally new look.

Call us for crafting and installing concrete kitchen countertops in your SeaTac home. As we are thorough when crafting concrete kitchen countertops, we will help you choose the following to match your décor:

  • Color
  • Style
  • Thickness level
  • Finish

The concrete kitchen countertops that we provide in SeaTac are highly durable. We assure you that we use the best quality concrete and the best techniques of countertop crafting so that the end result is a beautiful countertop that will last a long time and be highly functional, just like you require it to be.

Concrete Counter Tops SeaTac


Concrete being a versatile material is used in many places. Be it your bathroom, kitchen or any other space, concrete counter tops will make the place more functional and beautiful. Just go through the concrete counter top pros and cons to be assured you are making the right choice and leave the rest to us.

There is absolutely no limit to what we can do with concrete counter tops in SeaTac. Trust us as we are:

  • Reputable and reliable
  • Experienced and established
  • Committed and professional
  • Affordable and hassle free

Are you looking for hassle free services when installing countertops in SeaTac? Get in touch with Crafthammer Designs at (425) 800-8180.