Concrete Countertops Covington


Ever wondered what it will be like to get custom concrete countertops for your Covington, WA home or office? With Crafthammer Designs you can turn your vision into reality without spending a fortune. Custom furniture is known for being expensive but with the help of our expert artisan, we create one of a kind concrete countertops specially designed for your needs. We offer our products in several color and finishes including concrete countertops which help us offer a variety of customized solutions at a competitive price.

It is not every day that we make customized furniture for our home or business. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a durable solution that can withstand the test of time without getting damaged. Therefore, concrete countertops are most suitable for people who are not looking for regular maintenance expenses.

Custom concrete countertops are:

  • Specifically designed for your requirement
  • More functional
  • Available in multiple colors

Our concrete countertops are tested for quality, finish, and design before delivering the final product to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops Covington


Concrete kitchen countertops in the Covington area are evergreen pieces that impart a unique blend of class and elegance to your home. From contemporary interiors to modern homes, concrete kitchen countertops are suitable for any type of décor without affecting the functionality. Concrete kitchen countertops are suitable for regular use in the kitchen.

Concrete kitchen countertops are a great option to enhance the interior and exterior décor of your home. If you want to invest in low-maintenance and highly reliable concrete kitchen countertops, our artists can help create a seamless countertop to tailor-fit your requirement. In addition to improving functionality, concrete kitchen countertops also add to the overall artistic look of your home with its different finishes and colors.

Concrete kitchen countertops are known for:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Unique designs
  • Strength and sturdiness

Concrete Counter Tops Covington


Concrete counter tops for your Covington home or office can add that luxurious look & feel to your property. Custom concrete counter tops are known for adding that premium looks to a property with enhanced customization, using various colors, and embedding beautiful materials for increased elegance.

Concrete counter tops are:

  • Created by expert artisans
  • Available in multiple colors and finishes
  • Require minimal maintenance

Call Crafthammer Designs at (425) 800-8180 to design strong and sturdy concrete counter tops for your Covington home. These could be designed for kitchen, outdoors, drawing room, bathrooms, etc.