Bellevue Concrete Countertops


Would you like to install concrete countertops that are suited to your home or office in Bellevue, WA? Then Crafthammer Designs is the only artisanal specialist who you can rely on for Bellevue concrete countertops. With our help you can design and develop Bellevue concrete countertops that are custom made depending on your needs. We have been offering Bellevue concrete countertops of different textures and finishes to our local clientele since 2012.

What makes our Bellevue concrete countertops different from the rest is the fact that each piece made by us is unique. With the help of our experienced craftsmen, we can make Bellevue concrete countertops that are of the highest quality and finish.

We offer:

  • Kitchen sink countertops
  • Concrete kitchen tops
  • Granite kitchen tops
  • Solid surface countertops

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Bellevue Concrete Countertop


Thinking about installing a customized Bellevue concrete countertop in the living spaces of your home? Our company can help by offering our expertise to design and create a Bellevue concrete countertop in a purely artistic fashion. A Bellevue concrete countertop made by us is typically derived from easily available raw materials that are recycled making them a sustainable option.

If you want to build a Bellevue concrete countertop that fits well with the aesthetics of your home or office, we are the people to rely on. Give us a call now to hire our team for designing a Bellevue concrete countertop with an artistic touch! We can design:

  • Custom concrete countertop
  • Marble kitchen countertops
  • Polished countertops
  • Kitchen slabs

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Bellevue Countertops


Interested in designing and creating Bellevue countertops in accordance with your artistic vision? Then look no further than our company offering top of the line Bellevue countertops to get the job done. With a focus on offering high-end and personalized Bellevue countertops, we take into consideration various design inputs from our customers and will mold it to our own artistic styling.

Each of our Bellevue countertops are available in different colors and textures depending on the nature of the surface finish that you would like to be achieved. Our Bellevue countertops use unique styling that you cannot find in generic furniture stores. To know more about our Bellevue countertops, call us now!

You can choose our Bellevue countertops since they are:

  • Adaptive and distinct
  • Strong and durable
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Amazing strength and durability
  • Excellent heat and stain resistance

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