Concrete Art Designs for Personal and Business Use


According to Max Bill, primarily associated with the terms “concrete art” and “environmental design”, the goal of concrete art is to develop objects for mental use, the same way people make objects for material use…

We use that premise in combining expert artistic and craftsmanship skills in our unmatched one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor living enhancements of timeless design for personal and business use.

With a passionate eye for design, we use concrete to mold, sculpt and contour custom concrete wall art and additional elements including:

  • Custom address plaques of custom made concrete, steel and live edge wood art
  • A concrete water bowl feature
  • Unique concrete custom planters with recessed logos or names
  • Beautiful Japanese garden art
  • Hanging candle holders

Traditionally our outdoor concrete wall art and custom address plaques are uniquely designed offering limitless creative possibilities.

Call Crafthammer Designs to learn more about our art creations and what sets us apart from others.

Concrete Wall Art to Enhance any Décor


Our inspiration for unique pieces of outdoor concrete wall art may come to us by way of inspirational design thoughts of our clients, or they may be unique to this artist-designer, or a blend of our design visions.

Our concrete art design means so much more than elements that are based on lines or a geometric principle. In the end, our creative designs are all about you and your preferences for enhancing the surrounding décor of your garden landscape or patio.

We also offer custom address plaques as a not-so-subtle introduction to homes, businesses or estates combining the use of concrete, live edge wood art and steel.

We offer endless options for accentuating the beauty of your garden landscape, entryway or the entrance to your home or business with elements such as:

  • One-of-a-kind pieces of wall art
  • Garden plaques with unique designs
  • Custom hanging address plaques in concert with steel elements
  • Custom address plaques in combination with concrete pots and live edge wood art

Call today to begin the design process of handcrafted landscaping creations to enhance your décor.

Custom Address Plaques for Home and Office


Design elements that can compete with our custom address plaques for homes and business offices are rare.

We offer custom plaques such as:

  • Polished concrete plaques attached to live edge wood art
  • Tall ground-set plaques featuring house or office numbers
  • Hanging concrete plaques fixed to steel
  • Polished concrete plaques in any color with family names in any font
  • Custom-designed address plaques set in concrete pots

And we can complement the use of address plaques with concrete art forms and objects and endless design options for outdoor concrete wall art to add a focal point to your patio or garden landscape.

We welcome your call to begin a collaborative effort for one-of-a-kind concrete art designs or outdoor concrete wall art design elements to accentuate the beauty of your home or business. Call Crafthammer Design at 425-800-8180.